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Precious Jemz

What is this?
Precious Jemz is an icon journal belonging to sixtiespink (aka Jem, Sophie). Here is where I post most of my icons, and also the occasional tutorial and graphics miscellany.

- Please leave a comment when you take an icon. I like to know which ones people like best. =)
- Credit, while quite lovely, is not required. However, if you'd like to give credit, then I'd prefer that you credit precious_jemz.
- No hotlinking, please.

My older icon entries can be found at sixtiespink and at ljamboree.
All of my resources are located HERE.

bella_sol | oh_darling | escape_the_nest

profile layout

Stylesheet by refuted
Header artwork by Cecilia Carlstedt
Tifa Lockhart artwork by Silent White Snow